Free Trans Femme Shapewear

We are very excited to work with Origami Customs to help distribute tucking undergarments to trans femme folks in need of them!

These tucking undergarments are designed by and for trans folks of all genders and any size or shape. Learn more about Origami Customs

  • Double lined front for flattening
  • Middle section is slightly wider than traditional undies
  • Hipster cut, moderate back coverage
  • Stretch mesh holds the body tight, made to make you feel safe and secure with a smooth, no seam silhouette.
  • Mesh is semisheer (not completely see-through) with strong hold

How to Apply

Please only place a request if you are truly in need of support. We have a very limited number of donated garments available, and we use the honor system so there are as few obstacles as possible for our recipients. While we can guarantee sizing, we cannot guarantee the color of the panties you’ll receive. Donations are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please read our FAQ or contact us if you have questions not answered on our website.

Packaging is extremely discrete. Your items will either be shipped in a plain white mailing envelope or in a plain brown cardboard box. The sender’s name is “Point of Pride.” Nothing with the words “LGBT” or “trans” appear on the packaging.

Size Hip Where Waistband Sits
XXS 28" inches
XS 30" inches
Small 33" inches
Medium 35" inches
Large 38" inches
X-Large 40" inches
2XL 46" inches
3XL 49" inches
4XL 53" inches
5XL 58" inches

For additional sizing and product details, view Origami Custom’s fit guide

Apply Now

Before you apply…

This program is intended to help trans femme folks who otherwise can not afford these garments or obtain them safely.

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Information on Tucking Safely

Wearing this undergarment can help to reduce dysphoria and help you be more comfortable. The most important thing is that you do it safely.

This asterisk (*) is used to acknowledge the many different words that are used for this body part.

You can begin by tucking the testes.* The testes* will slip back up into the inguinal canals: use two or three fingers to guide them up to their corresponding canal. Don’t rush and listen to your body. If there’s any pain or discomfort at all – stop, take a short break, and try again.

Next, the penis* can be pulled back between your legs. Don’t force or pull hard. Everything can be held in place with these panties, and the fit should be snug but not overly uncomfortable.

Where we tuck tends to be a place where we sweat a lot. You want to keep skin cool and dry. Take a break when you’re alone or wear loose clothing when it's not as important to be tucked. To avoid chafing or prevent a skin infection, always check for any open or irritated skin before and after tucking.

Tucking & Fertility
Tucking may affect your fertility. For trans folks who may want to have biological children someday, it’s recommended you tuck sparingly or (if you’re able to afford it) consider banking sperm.