Support Through Art: A Trans Painter Gives Back

When Leo Morn, a transgender painter, volunteered to donate proceeds from the sale of his work, we were moved by his generosity – and his beautiful art.

“My name is Leo Morn and I am 24 years old. My life has certainly been a journey. I grew up with a single mother who is from Cambodia. When I came out as a lesbian in the 8th grade, my mother didn’t accept me; little did she know that I was hiding that I was transgender. But now, I can’t continue to hide the true me, so I came out as a trans man. What has helped me most was the amazing love and support I’ve received even from strangers. Art is a big part of my life — my artistic inspiration is Jackson Pollock. His pieces are moving and exhilarating, he reaches out to many people in different ways and that’s what I hope to do with my paintings.

What started as a hobby as grown into something more. I was told by plenty of people I should start selling my paintings and I wasn’t motivated but knowing that most of the paintings I sell will be donated to the LGBT community has set a warm place in my heart.”

Leo has generously pledged to donate 40% of proceeds from his art to support Point of Pride.

Another percentage of proceeds also benefits the True Colors Fund, which works to end homelessness among LGBT youth.

Leo is a beautiful example of using your talents and skills in a creative way to make a difference. You can check out his Etsy shop and pick up some great art that supports great causes for our community!

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