Our Story

Point of Pride is an entirely volunteer-operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We are a dedicated group of students and professionals, activists, writers, and fundraisers. We are trans women, trans men, queer, non-binary, and allies. We live and work all over the U.S.

What unites us is our passion for bringing about meaningful, enduring change one individual at a time, and helping the most vulnerable and isolated members of our community feel seen and supported.

Point of Pride was founded by the leadership of Point 5cc, a clothing and apparel company by and for trans folks.

Since 2011, Point 5cc has donated 20% of proceeds of every order to an Annual Transgender Surgery Fund. We received hundreds of applications each year and awarded thousands of dollars of direct financial assistance to trans people in need of support. Point 5cc also began one of the first and largest international chest binder donation programs, and a breast form donation program.

That’s why we formed Point of Pride in 2016—an independent sister nonprofit organization with a dedicated team that can work to grow our fundraising efforts, help more members of our trans community, and speak out for the need for inclusive and supportive changes in our society.