Host a GSA Event

Have Fun and Make a Difference with Your School or Community LGBT Organization

If you and your trans or LGBTQ club/organization are looking for a way to bring about positive change and help the trans community, look no further. We have tons of ways your group can get involved in supporting trans youth and adults around the world, right from your school or community. Some easy ways you can get involved are…

  • you can write positive, affirming notes of support that we will include with our free chest binders and breast forms for those in need
  • you can fold rainbow and trans-colored ribbons to be distributed at LGBTQ events throughout the year, around the country
  • you can hang up posters or flyers on your campus that support your trans classmates and let them know about our supportive programs and services
  • you can host a bake sale, a talent show, or another event – as creative as you’d like! – where proceeds benefit Point of Pride

Fill out the form on this page and we will send you a packet with more information and help you plan your GSA event!

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