Help Us Provide Free Tucking Panties to Trans Femme Folks Who Otherwise Couldn’t Afford Them!

We are very excited to partner with Valid and their new project, Post Secondary: Gender Affirming Shapewear, to help distribute pairs of their tucking undergarments to trans women in need of them!

By Trans Folks, For Trans Folks

Meet Alex: tucking panties re-designed from the ground up! Now you can skip the chafing, overheating, and weird butt lines. Alex is engineered by trans feminine folks to make life better for trans people everywhere. Plus, they are dedicated to making these undergarments as affordable as possible.

Valid currently has a working prototype, fabrics and production secured, and a ton of enthusiasm – but they need your help to take Alex from the sample stage to a reality anyone can wear.

How You Can Make a Difference

1. You can purchase a pair of these tucking panties for yourself!

2. If you don’t want or need a pair, you can purchase a pair for someone who does! Valid reached out to us to help connect these awesome undergarments to trans feminine folks who otherwise would not be able to afford or easily obtain them. Right now, you can show your support for vulnerable members of our community by donating a pair (or 3 or 7!) Learn more and donate a pair

We will soon begin accepting requests for these donated undergarments, so stay tuned for updates! EDIT: This campaign was fully funded and we are now accepting requests! Learn more and get started

Check out the promo video here!

Visit the Indiegogo campaign