Frequently Asked Questions

Chest Binder Program

Who qualifies for a free binder?
Any person who is trans identified — FTM, genderqueer, non-binary, genderfluid, and every other identity within the trans umbrella — who cannot afford or otherwise safely obtain a binder may apply.

What size/how many chest binders are available?
Binder availability varies wildly from week to week as donations come in and out: unfortunately, no real-time binder sizes are available online at this time.

How do the programs work?
Our chest binder program operates on a first-come, first-served basis. You can apply by filling out our online application and will be added to a waiting list. We guarantee your size binder, but we cannot guarantee the style/manufacturer/etc. Unfortunately, we also cannot guarantee your exact wait time due to the fact we depend on donations from our community, which vary from month to month.

What does packaging look like?
Packaging is extremely discrete. Your items will either be shipped in a plain white mailing envelope or in a plain brown cardboard box. The sender’s name is “Point of Pride.” Nothing with the words “LGBT” or “trans” appear on the packaging.

Note: For international packages, the customs form will list the contents as an “undershirt.”

Can I have my binder shipped to a friend or relative?
We are happy to ship your binder to a friend, family member, or another trusted person if you cannot receive it at your house. You can complete the application with your friend’s mailing address, but put your information (such as your email address) for all other fields on the form. This is so we can communicate with you to double check your information and notify you when the binder is about to ship.

How will I know when my binder will arrive?
When your binder is ready to ship, we will reach out to you via email to confirm the shipping address, size, and other details have not changed. We will then notify you that your package has shipped so you know when to expect it.

Is shipping free?
Yes — shipping is 100% free and covered thanks to donations from our generous supporters.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes — we ship anywhere USPS will deliver!

Is there an age requirement?
No! Most of our applicants are youth age 18 or younger, but anyone of any age may request a free binder.

Can I exchange my binder for a different size?
Yes! If the binder you received through our program isn’t fitting properly, you may exchange it for a different size. Fill out our Exchange Form (PDF) and mail it with the binder to PO Box 10991, Eugene, OR 97440. Once received, we’ll go ahead and mail your new binder to you as soon as it’s available.

I have a binder I wish to donate to your program. How can I do that?
That’s awesome! Thank you for your generosity. We accept all sizes, colors, manufacturers, etc. in new or used condition. Get started here

Surgery Fund

When is the Surgery Fund open to applications?
The Annual Transgender Surgery Fund is open November 1st to November 30th every year.

Can I still apply for the Surgery Fund if I have insurance?
Yes. For our 2017 Fund, 65% of our applicants had health insurance but were excluded from trans surgical care or could not afford their deductibles You may still apply for assistance.

Is there an age requirement?
Like most US-based surgeons, we require you to be 18 at the time of your surgery in order to qualify for funding.

Is ___ a covered procedure?
We accept applications for any gender-affirming procedure. If this surgery is necessary to your transition, you are welcome to apply.

Our Organization

What is Point of Pride?
Point of Pride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers life-changing services for transgender people in need of support. Our programs currently include our Annual Transgender Surgery Fund, a free chest binder donation program, and a free breast form/prosthetics donation program.

When were you founded?
Point of Pride was founded in 2016. Formerly, from 2011 through 2016, these programs and services were part of Point 5cc clothing and apparel company. Due to increasing need in the trans community and requests for support, we launched as a separate non-profit entity to maximize the amount of people we help. Learn more about our story

Where are you based?
We are based in Oregon, but have board members and volunteers across the country, and we serve the international trans community.

How can I donate? 
You can also make a donation directly quickly and securely via PayPal. Or, you can mail a check to PO Box 10991, Eugene, OR 97440. We are currently 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status pending. Thanks in advance for your generosity!