Donate a New or Gently-Used Binder

We accept all styles, colors, and conditions!

Due to COVID-19, we may not be able to rehome them to future recipients as quickly, but we are able to access our PO Boxes and receive donations. If it's easier or safer for you to wait to mail your donations, however, we encourage you to do so! We'll gratefully accept them at any time of year.

Thank you for your generosity — we could not offer this program without your donations!

We accept all sizes, styles, colors, and conditions. Please include this completed form or a handwritten note with the manufacturer’s name and size, if known. This helps us sort donations and get them to folks on our waiting list more quickly.

Select a mailing location:
You can mail your donated binders to either of our two PO Boxes – depending on your location, one may be cheaper to ship to:

  • West Coast: PO Box 10991, Eugene, OR 97440
  • East Coast: PO Box 7824, Newark, DE 19714

Include a note to your recipient:
If you’d like, you may also include a special handwritten note to the trans person who will receive your binder. It’s an awesome, personalized way to show affirmation for a fellow community member in need of support. (If you’re donating multiple binders to our program, please include the same number of handwritten notes.) Looking for tips on what to write? Check out our suggestions here!

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.