Black History Month 2019: An Interview with BlackTransTV

In commemoration of Black History Month, Point of Pride has a big goal: to provide free chest binders to each black-identified trans person on our waiting list. We’ve partnered with black trans-owned businesses and community members to help reach this goal. Below is a special interview with one of our partners, BlackTransTV.

“Who is BlackTransTV?”

BlackTransTV was founded in 2017 a platform to inform, inspire and uplift all people to be their best selves – in particular, black and brown people of trans and gender non-conforming experience.

We serve as a resource to help educate people on the black trans experience. On the daily, you can find information that pertains to both our black and trans communities via our Instagram – info that isn’t broadcasted in major media outlets. We also release a new video every single Wednesday via our Youtube channel discussing topics such as toxic masculinity in the black community, how to build your confidence while being a human of trans experience, the importance of self love/care, top surgery tips and so much more.


“What is the main focus and goals of BlackTransTV? How do you spread this message?”

BlackTransTV’s main focus is to shed light on all things black and all things on the trans spectrum. We work to show the intersectionality between the two, and spread this through our social media channels. Tune in to our Instagram during February for Black History Month to see that trans folks are living proof that the brilliance of black people – not just cisgender heteronormative folks. We will commemorate the month by sharing facts about black trans people who have paved or are now leading the way for us to live our best lives!

“Your reach has really grown; so many folks have connected with your message and the content you produce. What has that meant to you?”

It’s been a blessing to have grown our reach so widely. We are humbled that our messages are resonating with so many. During this time of growing and gathering community, our ability to give back has been most important: for example, we’ve been able to partner with gc2b to donate binders weekly. In just under a year (we started July 2018), we have been able to give over 50 binders within the black and POC trans community. We know just how much binders mean to folks, especially since so many folks cannot afford purchasing one, so it’s an honor to be able to gift these binders every single week. We have no plan on stopping until every warrior who needs a binder receives a binder.

“Who are some other trans entrepreneurs that inspire you?”

We’re inspired by several businesses and organizations created by people of trans experience (including Point of Pride!) but in particular:

  1. – Marli Washington is the CEO and creator of gc2b, the company that has created the world’s first binder that was designed and patented specifically for gender-affirming binding. Marli is an inspiration because he saw a need in the community and he filled that gap with his brilliance. He is an inspiration and proof that diligence and a vision can manifest a reality that literally saves lives.
  2. Stealth Bros & Co. – Braxton Fleming is the CEO and creator of Stealth Bros, a company that has created the world’s first dopp kit especially for folks in transition. The design is intrinsically made to hold transitional supplies such as injectable testosterone or estrogen, syringes, needles and more. Brax is an inspiration because it’s a stealthy, stylish product, but it also helps trans people feel better affirmed in their journey.

“What do trans people of color need to hear today?”

BlackTransTVLove yourself. Nothing good can come out of you or in your life if you don’t first love yourself.

And by this, we mean focusing on the inside, not the outside: oftentimes, people of trans experience put too much emphasis on their physical aesthetic or focus on HRT and surgeries, but being trans is so much more complex of a journey than what you look like. After all, not all trans folks utilize HRT and surgery: are we saying that if they don’t look a certain way that they aren’t valid? So our message is: who are you beyond what people can see? Focus on those characteristics, love yourself, and continue to put in the work to live authentically and celebrate who you are.

So how do we love ourselves? The most important way that we have discovered how love ourselves is through daily affirmations. We take the time to speak love onto ourselves every single day so that we remind ourselves of who we are, remind ourselves of why we do what we do, and remind ourselves of who we want to become. This daily practice works best with a method we like to call “mirror talk.” We stand in the mirror every morning and recite our affirmations. They may shift depending on the day and our mood, but we make sure that this is something that we do so we are self-affirmed, validated and feeling our best inside and out – to best conquer the world as the beautiful warriors that we are.

Below are some affirmations that we speak onto ourselves daily. They make us ready to conquer all life throws our way. We suggest you all take at least five minutes a day or until you believe them to be true to stand in the mirror and look at yourself while reciting these affirmations below.

  • I am valid
  • I am worthy
  • I am supposed to be here
  • I am love
  • I am loved
  • I am right on time
  • I am doing/giving my best
  • I am working on becoming the best version of myself
  • I am in control of defining who I am
  • I am going to make it through to where I want/need to be
  • I am a warrior
  • I am making moves today so that I can leave a beautiful legacy



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