Black History Month Fundraiser

Support black-identified trans folks this February with a donation of any size.

In commemoration of Black History Month, Point of Pride has a big goal:

to provide free chest binders to each black-identified trans person on our waiting list


We’re partnering with black trans-owned businesses, activists, and community leaders, as well as generous donors like you, to raise enough funds to purchase and ship free chest binders to folks who cannot otherwise afford or safely obtain them.

Stretch Goal

Money raised after our $8,000 goal will be allocated towards black-identified recipients of the Electrolysis Support Program, which provides free or greatly-discounted permanent hair removal services to trans femme folks.

National Center for Trans Equality SurveyWhy this campaign is so important

Data from the National Center for Trans Equality shows that the trans experience is much different for black folks compared to our larger community.

  • The rate of unemployment is 20%, higher than the overall community average.
  • Nearly 40% of respondents live in poverty, which can make affording a chest binder incredibly challenging if not impossible.
  • Nearly 40% of respondents have experienced homelessness or housing insecurity. Our program works one-on-one with recipients to confirm the best and safest way to discretely mail their binder to them, especially in cases of housing insecurity.
  • 50% of respondents have experienced verbal or physical harassment, or denial of service, for who they are. Chest binders help folks navigate public more safely in alignment with their gender identity or presentation.

On our waiting list, more than half of the black-identified folks are 18 years old or younger. 1 in 4 are living with a disability. They do not have the support or financial resources to purchase a chest binder, and as a result often turn to unsafe binding methods that can cause strain and even permanent injury.

Chest binders not only help folks feel affirmed and supported: they are so important to our health and safety.

If your business or organization would like to support this campaign, please email us at [email protected] for sponsor information and to get started.

Donate Now

Chip in $10 and you’ll cover the cost to ship two binders: one to a US recipient and one to an international recipient

“I want to be free and be myself and not wait til I’m 18 [for a binder], to let the world to see who I am: I am an African American and Filipino-decent transgender male, and I’m proud.”
—Vincent, 16, FL

“I’m visibly (beautifully) black, and I’ve got huge boobs (30H in UK bra sizing, so a small frame with currently unavoidable frontal curvature)… I’m worried about how my race and gender will impact how I access the care I need. My first binder would likely help me in ways I can’t even conceive of right now.”
—Kai, 23, NY

“Because of my mother’s refusal to accept me, I’ve basically been forced back into the closet. It might not seem like it, but what you all are doing… is saving lives.”
—Jae, 21, MA

“This binder would mean the world to me and will ease my dysphoria when it comes to my chest because it’s getting bad – to where looking at myself in the mirror is taking a toll on me. This would help me mentally so much and I just can’t afford buying one.”
—Adam, 18, ID

2019 Black History Month Fundraiser

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